Ben going Uberman

Hey there,

I’m Ben, joining the guys today with the Uberman. Being on the same schedule as Marcel I just had my first two naps at 8pm and 12am.

I’m really looking forward to the Uberman  – at least after the adaption 😉 Why am I doing it? Because I’m chronically lacking time, running a startup in Munich and finishing my studies at KIT right now.

Stay tuned 😉

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4 Responses to Ben going Uberman

  1. Previous anecdotal reports suggest that group uberman attempts are more likely to be successful, so I’m optimistic about your chances here.

    Some suggestions:

    Equihexaphasic entrainment through diet might be achievable by eating at about the same point in every wake interval. Six small meals a day. The optimal timing might depend, however, on optimal meal composition, which might vary throughout the day.

    What little sleep-lab work has been done with equihexaphasic (Stampi) suggests that SWS (slow-wave sleep) naps alternate with REM naps. You need both SWS and REM, but in 20-25 minutes per nap, it looks like you can’t get both in the same nap. So gearing your meals toward favoring SWS/REM alternation might be a good idea.

    Finally, on the assumption that uberman is just a *kind* of natural sleep schedule, and that all sleep schedules benefit from better sleep quality, look at reducing the omega-6/omega-3 ratio in what you eat. This is reported to reduce overall sleep time and improve sleep quality. 4:1 might be easily achievable, 1-1 is possible and is theorized to be the ratio of “paleo” diets. Uberman might be a “paleo” sleep schedule for all we know, so any diet that gets you closer to the hunter-gatherer near-arctic-summer existence might be all to the good.

    • RaschRasch says:

      Thanks for the advise, this is really helpful. Though I have to do some research now on how exactly to reduce my omaga-6/omega-3 ratio. ^^

      • Michael Turner says:

        Omega-6/omega-3: No actual ratios computed here, but it can give you a start. (Scroll down past the nutrition theory, if it bores you.)

        Quick tip from the above link: beware “nuts are high in omega-3.” They are. But where almonds have a 2000-to-1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, walnuts have only about 4-to-1. A ratio of between 6-to-1 and 1-1 is considered good; there’s a lot of debate on what’s optimal.

        Note that absolute amounts matter too — for example, macadamias don’t have the greatest ratio, but they will make less of a difference either way than other nuts, because they don’t have much of either omega. If you like snacking on nuts, walnuts are your safest bet.

        Reducing omega 6 should be your main goal starting out. And it’s not hard. To increase omega 3 is the harder part. For animal protein, certain kinds of fish (salmon, mackerel, etc.) have unusually high omega 3, but almost any kind will help. Green leafy vegetables generally have less omega-6 than omega-3 — salads with lots of spinach and lettuce will definitely help get you there.

        Eating six small meals a day will probably help. The real trick, though, might be in figuring out exact timing of the meals, which in turn might depend on meal-*types*. Some food ingredients might favor SWS, others REM. Fish seems to give a lot of people strong REM dreams. I think you can get that base covered easily.

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